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BRCGS Professional

Fast Track your progress to BRCGS Professional Status

BRCGS provides a fast track option that means you could complete the Product Safety Management module of the programme in as little as three days.The fast-track option also means considerable savings when compared to taking the courses individually. This could be up to $900.00/£705.00.

See our Course Finder (UK & US based course)


Upcoming Global Courses (Multi-Language)

BRCGS collaborates with global partners to increase the availability of non-English learning opportunities around the world. 


BRCGS & RINA Training Courses 2022

BRCGS has partnered with Italy-based RINA to provide more training opportunities through BRCGS courses. All courses will be delivered in Italian by local professionals.

  > See 2022 Course List

BRCGS ha collaborato con RINA con sede in Italia per fornire maggiori opportunità di formazione attraverso i corsi BRCGS. Tutti i corsi saranno erogati in italiano da professionisti localim. 

  >  Vedi l'elenco dei corsi BRCGS / RINA per il 2022


BRCGS also works with a global network of Approved Training Partners (ATPs) who provide BRCGS recognised training courses that will count towards your BRCGS Professional progress. Please see the course finder for other available options. 

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