Traceable certificates for all stakeholders in the chain of custody

Quality and compliance challenges in the chain of custody are bigger than ever, and the need to monitor environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) performance is gaining momentum. The number of IT solutions and online databases, interfaces and communication protocols available to assist in these areas is overwhelming and strategic choices on which technology to adopt is a brain teaser. Zertic and Zertace can help turn this challenge into profit.

Zertic recognises that integration and being agnostic to each initiative is key for Certification Bodies. This partnership with BRCGS provides a solution for certification bodies to manage and optimize the complete certification process, from sales and quote creation to the final certificate and invoice. The full integration with the BRCGS online platform ensures data exchange and latest audit frameworks available for your audit teams.

With Zertrace (For Certified Companies), the BRCGS certificate itself is no longer a paper document that is of limited value in this digital world. Your certificates will be digital and therefore, traceable and immutable blockchain documents that can travel through the supply chain. Combined, this means that any BRCGS certificates can be associated with relevant ESG data, certificates or passports that are required by any stakeholder that is involved in your specific supply chain. This enables certification bodies and BRCGS certificated sites to provide full trust to the end consumer.

Our partnership with BRCGS enables Certification Bodies and all Stakeholders in the supply chain to provide trust in a seamless way without having to be IT experts and to keep focus on the things you do best at lower costs.

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